Brighter and More Colorful

We carefully selected and modified appealing bright colors in accordance with the AMOLED display characteristics.

This led to a combination of colors that is vivid, simple, and elegant.

Angles Rounded at Just the Right Angle

Flyme 5 uses rectangles to make UI more appealing to users. The angle curves of the widgets are consistent with that of the mBack, showing our constant pursuit of the most delicate and refined design in every detail.

Exquisite Transitions

Transitions and changes in shapes are carefully designed to adhere to the compact,
natural and exquisite style of Flyme.

The dynamic is so fluent that you could hardly notice the changes,
yet it brings a breathtaking sensation on every touch.

with integrated designs

The design of Flyme 5 aims to highlight important content and serves as a support for the content. Through our endeavor to find the balance between content and design, we developed a widget that can recognize and draw elements from the contents and present them as integrated backgrounds.

Precise But Not Rigid

The design standard is about precision. We honor it, yet also seek to introduce expressive and intuitive elements to make Flyme 5 more appealing to young people.