Compact File Explorer

Files are sorted and categorized by common file types.

It is far easier to manage and check files, which saves time and troubles.

More Modes, More Memories

Flyme 5 provides multiple camera modes including beauty, panorama, slow motion, video, macro, and GIF to meet different shooting requirements and help you turn life’s beautiful moments into treasured memories.

A Gallery of Memories Collection

Flyme Gallery enables you to make your everyday photo special by using filters and image editing functions. Also, you can sort photos by time and location so the gallery displays your photos like a well-designed album.

Your Unique Memos

Flyme 5 allows you to insert various contents into memos including words, images, sound and graffiti. Various templates are provided to give full play to your imagination and creative prowess.

Reliable System Ensures Security

Flyme 5 introduces overall protection at the system level to prevent any security vulnerabilities.