Intelligent Alarming

The system can monitor unstable operations and report potential problems to the Cloud for analysis and troubleshooting to prevent damage to the system.

Active Defense

New patented technologies are used to prevent apps from being activated by each other, which solves memory utilization problems while improving system speed.

Systematic Optimization

System codes are optimized and memory compression technology is used to lower memory usage and makes the system faster and smoother.

Intelligent Response

The system can calculate the amount of memory needed by apps and release it according to requests from apps. This is accomplished without affecting the operations of necessary system functions, and accelerates launching and running of apps.

Optimized Power-Saving Scenarios

More than 100 usage scenarios are considered before providing the optimal power saving strategy.

The power consumption of system applications are optimized to save power and ensure smooth system operations.

Intelligent Allocation

The system can allocate CPU cores according to the system load status and achieve the proper balance between system temperature, performance and power consumption, while regulating the CPU frequency. Intelligent allocation can truly help realize the best conditions for hardware and prevent wasting power.